Standing up for your rights and the rights of others onboard

NOT ON MY WATCHTM is a community service awareness and education campaign from APMA that links maritime workers and their families with resources and materials on ending abuse and self-destructive behavior. Our goal is twofold: to increase information and awareness of abuse and self-destructive behavior in our American Maritime Community & provide appropriate resources for individuals dealing with these harmful behaviors.

NOT ON MY WATCHTM is more than a resource, it’s a call to action! We want you to join AMPA in our campaign against sexual assault, sexual harassment and self-destructive behavior by standing up and saying, NOT ON MY WATCHTM. Follow our web media campaign and lend your voice to this important issue. As a collective community, we can put an end to sexual assault, sexual harassment and self-destructive behavior in the American Maritime Community.

As a member of the Ship Operations Cooperative Program (SOCP), APMA is able to provide our community with special access to educational information and materials created by the SOCP.

  •  Learn how to recognize abusive behaviors and the maritime industry’s best practices for addressing such actions.

Download the SOCP Sexual Assault / Sexual Harassment Prevention Best Practice Guide.

This Best Practices Guide from SOCP addresses several issues involving sexual assault, sexual harassment, retaliation, bystander intervention, bullying, hazing, coercion, stalking and other prohibited behaviors in the U.S. Merchant Marines. You will learn to recognize these behaviors and become familiar with the appropriate practices for prevention and response to these prohibited behaviors. The tactics and practices in this guide are utilized by maritime companies of all sizes, and compiled specifically for members of our American Maritime Community.

  •  Find out how to handle abusive behaviors in our community.

Download SASH Prevention Computer Based Training.

This online learning and training program from the SOCP provides effective and proven tactics for addressing and ending sexual assault, sexual harassment, retaliation, bullying and other prohibited behaviors in the U.S. Maritime Industry. Designed for use by American Mariners and shore-based personnel, this training is a definitive resource on creating places of employment and communities that have zero tolerance for sexual assault, bullying and other abusive behaviors.