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Photo Release: 3 Coast Guard cutters change command in Portsmouth

June 25, 2015

PORTSMOUTH, Va. — Three Coast Guard cutter crews officially changed commands Thursday during a ceremony in Portsmouth at Sector Hampton Roads.The crews of Coast Guard Cutters Shearwater, Sea Horse and Cochito, 87-foot Coastal Patrol Boats homeported in Hampton Roads, bid farewell to departing officers-in-charge and welcomed aboard the incoming, during the unique, triple change-of-command ceremony.Master Chief Petty Officer Stephen Atchley was relieved as officer-in-charge of the Shearwater by Senior Chief Joseph Orlando. Atchley assumed command of the Cochito, replacing Master Chief Petty Officer Christopher Lombard.Master Chief Petty Officer Heath Jones was relieved as officer-in-charge of the Sea Horse by Lombard. Jones will go on to work as the command master chief for Sector Hampton Roads.The change-of-command ceremony marks the formal passing of responsibility, authority and accountability of command from one Coast Guardsman to another. It is a time-honored tradition formally restating the continuity of command. This unique ceremony, incorporating three command changes into one event, was held at the request of the outgoing and incoming officers-in-charge and granted by the Sector Hampton Roads command.

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