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Working in the maritime industry can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. We can help.

Looking for a job? Log into the APMA Career Center. Need training? Use the APMA Learning Center for a national list of schools. Find opportunities by following maritime trends. We partner with the United States Coast Guard and National Public Radio, the top maritime news partners in the industry. Look for APMA updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our web blogs.

Need a car? Through an APMA exclusive program, you and your family get employee pricing for any vehicle. Log into the Mariner’s Marketplace, go to PAG Ford and contact a manager to find the car you want and the price you deserve. Vehicles are shipped free to all 50 states.

Want a better maritime world? The APMA is involved with a variety of issues, from the El Faro tragedy to the MARAD Sexual Assault Response and Prevention call-to-action. We recently launched an awareness campaign to protect and serve maritime community workers and their families. Like you, we say, “Not On My Watch!”

We are here for you and your needs.

Don’t forget to share with others to join you as a member of the APMA. There is power in numbers. The APMA nonprofit mission makes it our duty – using membership authority - to bring more support for you and your family.



The APMA is a national, non-profit association for individuals and employers at sea and on the waterfront.  We provide career help, money-saving programs, and web-based social media tools to make your professional life better. We network the employee pool and training solutions for efficient business solutions.  Your support also helps maritime students and military veterans get the start they need in the maritime industry.

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