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Providing support and guidance at every turn

At the heart of our mission and every program at APMA is the desire to support American Mariners and their families. We strive to make a difference and improve the lives of everyone in our American Maritime Community. To accomplish this goal, APMA has made growing our Maritime Community Services a huge priority.

Launched in 2018, the Maritime Community Services provide information, programming, and outreach services to the wider American Maritime Community. Through a specific set of services, APMA is able to assist American Mariners with their day-to-day concerns and questions.

  •  NOT ON MY WATCH!®  is an awareness and education campaign focused on ending abuse and self-destructive behavior in the maritime community. The service provides information and support to maritime workers and their families. We encourage you to stand with APMA and join our NOT ON MY WATCH!®  campaign.
  • Financial Services is a comprehensive set of tools and quick resources covering sound personal financial management. Through this service, APMA has consolidated materials and information on financial planning, investments, and retirement. Our goal is to ensure every American Mariner reaches the critical goal of financial freedom and security.
  • Coastal Services Directory is a searchable listing of industry employers and services. Easy to use and simple to navigate, you can browse potential employers or find solutions to your maritime work questions 24/7. 
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