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7/18/2017: Update to NVIC 01-16, Electronic charts and publications policy

Maritime CommonsTuesday, July 18, 2017 - 7:36 AM
The updated policy identifies acceptable equivalencies to paper charts and publications as well as position fixing and plotting requirements under Coast Guard regulations. [ Read Full Article ]

Bryant’s Maritime Blog – 18 July 2017

Bryant's Maritime ConsultingTuesday, July 18, 2017 - 6:38 AM
Headlines: USCG – electronic charts and publications; USCG – regulatory reform taskings; Canada – Seaway agreement extension; and MREN – salvage and marine firefighting. July 18, 2017 Bryant’s Maritime Blog Bryant’s Maritime Consulting – 4845 SW 91st Way – Gainesville, FL 32608 [ Read Full Article ]

Bryant’s Maritime Blog – 17 July 2017

Bryant's Maritime ConsultingMonday, July 17, 2017 - 6:03 AM
Headlines: USCG – Marine Safety Manual, Vol. III; USCG – design criteria for LNG fuel systems; DHS/USCG – Notice of Arrival and Departure; Senate – bill introduced re natural gas import/export; Senate – bill introduced re Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund; Senate – bill introduced re passenger [ Read Full Article ]

7/14/2017: Marine Safety Manual, Volume III Change-2, Marine Industry Personnel now available

Maritime CommonsFriday, July 14, 2017 - 1:50 PM
Volume III of the Marine Safety Manual provides information and interpretations on international conventions and U.S. statutes and regulations relating to marine industry personnel. [ Read Full Article ]

7/14/2017: Coast Guard seeks assistance from five federal advisory committees on regulatory evaluations

Maritime CommonsFriday, July 14, 2017 - 1:08 PM
The Coast Guard announced in the Federal Register that it is issuing new tasking to five federal advisory committees to help the agency identify existing regulations, guidance, and collections of information (that fall within the scope of each committee's charter) for possible repeal, replacement, [ Read Full Article ]

7/14/2017: Update to Policy Letter 01-12, design criteria for natural gas fuel systems

Maritime CommonsFriday, July 14, 2017 - 11:48 AM
This policy letter update uses the IGF Code as a baseline standard for vessels using LNG fuel as an alternative to those fuel systems covered by current domestic regulations. [ Read Full Article ]

Bryant’s Maritime Blog – 14 July 2017

Bryant's Maritime ConsultingFriday, July 14, 2017 - 6:04 AM
Headlines: USCG – Marine Safety Manual, Vol. III; USCG – regulatory reform taskings; USCG – Atlantic HMS handgear vessels; FMC – $925,000 collected; FMC – meeting on 19 July; Upper Mississippi – barge allision with bridge; St. Marys River – grounding of laker; and Beaufort Sea- oil [ Read Full Article ]

7/13/2017: MSIB 008-17 Application of commercial fishing vessel requirements on Atlantic HMS permitted handgear vessels

Maritime CommonsThursday, July 13, 2017 - 12:18 PM
MSIB 008-17 (corrected) provides guidance to highly migratory species (HMS) charter fishing vessels, the commercial fishing industry, and the Coast Guard. It represents the Coast Guard’s current interpretation on the applicability of commercial fishing vessel safety requirements and regulations for [ Read Full Article ]

7/13/2017: Merchant Mariner Medical Advisory Committee meeting

Maritime CommonsThursday, July 13, 2017 - 8:46 AM
The Merchant Mariner Medical Advisory Committee working group will meet via teleconference to work on Task Statement 25, review of the draft Merchant Mariner Medical Manual, to complete the discussions from its April 4-5, and May 8, 2017 meetings. [ Read Full Article ]

7/13/2017: New issue of OCS NCOE’s “Drill Down” available

Maritime CommonsThursday, July 13, 2017 - 8:33 AM
In this issue of the Drill Down, experts talk about characteristics and operating parameters of both floating and fixed OCS production facilities, spars, tension leg platforms, semi-submersibles, and floating, production, storage, and offloading units (FPSOs). [ Read Full Article ]